Wargame: Red Dragon is going Dutch. In more ways than one.

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Wargame: Red Dragon, a supersexy for-serious modern military RTS that adds naval stuff to a game that really doesn’t need naval stuff, is still getting content from developer Eugen two years after its release. They’ve been adding armies, units, and maps all along. But today they announced upcoming Nation Packs for countries that still aren’t in the game. For instance, the Netherlands. The first Nation Pack will add their hardware, such as the Apache helicopter in the picture. Okay, so the Apache isn’t technically a Dutch helicopter. But since they bought some from us, a Dutch faction wouldn’t be complete without one. Eugene promises the Dutch have their own unique hardware as well, which will be included.

What sets the Nation Packs apart from the other add content for Red Dragon is that you have to buy them. As you know, going Dutch isn’t free.