Man up and earn your Steam achievement by playing To the Moon

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Tom wrote about the achievement system in Europa Universalis IV because the developers decided that you get nothing unless you play with Iron Man Mode enabled. No cheesing saves. Make your moves and deal with it. Play a marathon 20-hour game as Luxembourg against the world, but didn’t have Iron Man Mode on? Congratulations, but you’ll get no achievements to show off on your Steam profile. Hardcore!

To the Moon, an indie RPG by Freebird Games, is even more discriminating about handing out achievements. It’s about two doctors that can manipulate dying people’s memories to fulfill their lifelong dreams. It’s tearjerker subject matter and the game does everything it can to get you to turn on the waterworks. Imagine lots of observations about regret and love. Playing it is either an exhausting emotional journey or an annoying exercise depending on how you deal with a game asking you to get in touch with your feelings. No matter which is true, players will have to truly earn the only achievement they can get which the developer recently added to the game.

You have to finish the game. Hardcore!