“Asgard is really nice this time of year,” says Thor

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Thor is what a pinball table would look like if the designer was getting paid by the color. It’s got ice, and mountains, and lava, and a green ramp, and a dragon, and a golden city. It’s like a D&D campaign colored by some kid who insists on using every crayon in the box.

Unlike the real Thor from the movie, this Thor is very florid, enthusiastic, and encouraging. He refuses to sit still. He jumps around a lot. He frequently makes observations like “mighty!”, “fantastic!”, “awesome!”, “amazing!”, and “fabulous!”. He’s the kind of guy you want as a workout partner. However, he’s constantly talking about how great Asgard is. “Among all nine worlds, Asgard reins supreme!” “Asgard, the golden realm!” “Behold the beauty of Asgard!” He sounds like a spokesperson for the Asgard Chamber of Commerce. “Asgard has affordable housing, quality schools, and a vibrant nightlife!”

But comic book silliness aside, I really like this table. It’s got a lot going on, but unlike something with a steep learning curve like Paranormal, you can very easily figure out some high scoring basics. Knock three times to open the city gates, shoot the ball up the rainbow bridge, and pick a battle. Thor jumps around and beats stuff up. Points ensue. Fabulous!

4 stars
Xbox 360