Ghost Rider captures the summoning power of Lucifer’s stinkhole

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The Ghost Rider table for Pinball FX 2, now available as part of the Marvel Vengeance and Virtue collection, features Tim Curry from Legend squatting in the middle of everything. It also features a plaque that reads “Lucifer’s stinkhole summons a villain when lit”. At least that’s what I keep reading when I see it out of the corner of my eye. It’s written in that unreadable gothic heavy metal font that usually says “black sabbath”, “dio”, or “schutzstaffel”.

What I like about this table is that it proves that you don’t need Nicolas Cage to make Ghost Rider ridiculous. He does that on his own just fine. He’s a flaming skull. Who rides a motorcycles. That’s about all I know. When I lose the ball and some woman tells me her grandfather would not be pleased, I have no idea what she’s going on about. Oh yeah, lady? Well why doesn’t he come down here and play the damn ball himself?

The press materials from Zen Studios claim that Ghost Rider is the ideal table for beginning players. I think that must be some kind of diabolical joke. On the left side of the table, Ghost Rider has not one, but two lanes that drain the ball. Sometimes Tim Curry actually picks up the ball, teases me with it, and the chucks it right down the middle. Furthermore, a big fat center ramp loves to make me think, “Hey, easy ramp shot!”, only to roll the ball back down the center of the table and right between my flippers. In fact, I like to call that ramp “Lucifer’s stinkhole”. Welcome to hell.

2 stars
Xbox 360