The purplest Pinball FX table yet

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According to the old saying, sex is like pizza; even when it’s bad, it’s good. I disagree. On both counts. But the old saying does make me think of some tables in FX Pinball 2. Such as Sorcerer’s Lair, the latest addition. Sure, I’ll play it. But of all the tables available, I’ll play it out of a sense of obligation to the fine folks at Zen Pinball and my superscore. Not necessarily in that order.

When I first played Sorcerer’s Lair on the Playstation 3, it was the ugliest Zen Pinball table yet. Fortunately for Sorcerer’s Lair on the Xbox 360, Miss Splosion Man makes the lesser tables feel like so much more. The theme of Sorcerer’s Lair is two meddling kids, a cranky old sorcerer, a friendly ghost named Whisper, and the color purple. A hut rotates. A creaky old tree leans out. A pentagram spins. I kind of dread finding myself on a couple of inscrutable side tables. I wonder why I’m not just playing Haunted Mansion instead.

But at least this latest table isn’t a bunch of fruity comic book superheroes. We’ve got a lot more of those coming in the new Marvel Virtue and Vengeance pack of four tables. I look forward to a day in the distant future when more than half of my tables aren’t about people in capes. Which reminds me, you’ll be getting a very special treat in Pinball FX 2 this month, which includes Zen Studios trying a little something different. More on that later.

2 stars
Xbox 360