“Deus Ex 3 is fine, I guess”

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On this week’s Joystiq podcast, I’m part of a panel of dudes who played Deus Ex and have a few things to say about it. I’m also on this week’s Gameshark podcast, where there’s a fair bit of Deus Ex talk. It seems odd to me that I’m talking Deus Ex: Human Revolution on two podcasts this week. I should probably step aside and let people who feel more passionately talk about it. Having some guy go “eh, it’s fine, I suppose” isn’t really interesting.

But since I didn’t care for the original Deus Ex, I’ve been asked by some folks what I think of this latest sequel. And that’s actually an interesting angle to me, because I think a lot of Deus Ex fans really appreciate what Eidos Montreal has created. I do as well. Partly because Eidos Montreal gets what made Deus Ex work, but also because they get what didn’t make Deus Ex work. Human Revolution address many of my complaints about the original game, including the AI problems, the problems at that time with the Unreal engine, and what I felt was a sloppy and mostly irrelevant mishmash of conspiracy theories in lieu of a story. Probably my favorite thing about Human Revolution is its timely and relevant theme of society’s ambivalence about technology. I couldn’t care less about those Illuminati goofballs.