Holy priest is fed up — fed up! — with Rift

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Someone named Reala (not his/her real name?) runs a blog focused on Holy priest healing in World of Warcraft. His latest entry includes a badge (pictured) you can stick on your blog to show solidarity with his cause. The cause in question?

For fun (but also I mean it) I’ve made a little badge you can put on your blog to certify it a RIFT Free Zone, as seen above. I know there are a few bloggers getting pretty frustrated with the amount of Rift talk on WoW blogs lately…WoW may be the lumbering behemoth of the MMORPG sphere but we bloggers are not, damnit. Many of us are experiencing tough times in WoW, we have lost friends, guildies, entire guilds have crumbed and fallen. I don’t begrudge Rift the shelf-space, but when there are more Rift posts on a WoW blog than WoW posts… well… I don’t like it.

I love his sense of frustration. The “but I also mean it” is great, but you really can’t top the apocalyptic devastation conveyed in “we have lost friends, guildies, entire guilds have crumbed and fallen”. It’s like the End of Days!

FYI, don’t be alarmed by the image of the badge. Quarter to Three is not a Rift free zone.

(Thanks Katie Uhlman!)