Whoa, that’s a full rainbow in Shogun 2, all the way!

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So it’s just a lovely Japanese winterscape. In Shogun 2, that basically means don’t leave armies parked in hostile territory. Save that for the other three turns in a year. But I couldn’t help but notice a little touch Creative Assembly placed over a river wending through some useless mountainous terrain:

So nice.

And speaking of so nice, if you’ve been playing Creative Assembly’s game as long as I have, you’re probably to ignoring the multiplayer button. Who could blame you? But don’t do that if you’re playing Shogun 2. I implore you to click on that Avatar Conquest button. Yeah, that’s a pretty terrible name for whatever feature is lurking behind that button. It’s a particularly terrible name given what an awesome feature is lurking back there. But if one of Creative Assembly’s Total War games ever had a shot at fostering a meaningful multiplayer community, it’s Shogun 2 with its horribly named Avatar Conquest.