The blast of nostalgia in Chip’s Challenge is free

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Chip’s Challenge, the simple grid puzzle game that first appeared on the Atari Lynx in 1989, is now free for your PC gaming pleasure. The title gained fame and fans when it was ported to Windows as part of Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack 4 in 1992 and the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack in 1995. PC players discovered how easy it was to create their own levels thanks to a simple text file that made modding possible. In fact, it proved so popular that creator Chuck Sommerville got to work on a sequel, Chip’s Challenge 2, which unfortunately wound up tangled in a legal battle that prevented a quick turnaround.

Sommerville eventually published both games on Steam in 2015 after beginning work on a legally unbound spiritual sequel called Chuck’s Challenge 3D. Now, Chip McCallahan’s adventure to woo Melinda is free for everyone to enjoy like it’s Windows ’95.

Left 4 Dead 2 isn’t dead

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The Last Stand Update, a collaborative PC community update for Left 4 Dead 2 officially sanctioned and created in cooperation with Valve, is coming. There’s even going to be a free weekend to celebrate the launch. The content will be released for Left 4 Dead 2 on September 24th and marks the first official content update for the game since 2012.

The content includes The Last Stand campaign, 26 new survival maps, 4 new scavenge maps, 30 new achievements, and 2 new melee weapons. There’s a whole list of other changes and improvements in the official trailer comments. It’s time to get back to zed-hunting with the game that popularized the zombie horde co-op genre.

This short for Star Wars Squadrons is exactly the right kind of Star Wars

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I have no idea if Star Wars Squadrons is going to be good. In my review for Star Wars Battlefront II, I mentioned that the space arcade combat was one of the positives, and it looks like Electronic Arts and Motive just pulled that right out, spruced it up, fleshed it out, and turned it into its own game. Speculation aside, this short to promote the game is almost a pitch-perfect representation of how I used to think about my time in Lucasart’s Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It’s almost as good as the 2015 fan-made anime short from Paul Johnson.

The space between marketing and an actual product can be pretty wide, but it seems like EA is making all the right moves so far. Between this and their commitment to supporting flight peripherals, it looks like we have fans making the game.

Scott Pilgrim can’t be kept down forever by licensing issues

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, the 2010 brawler based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s snazzy comic property, has been a long sought-after title since it was de-listed and removed from all sales in in 2014. Licensing issues, the boogeyman of all media with great soundtracks, caused the game to disappear seemingly forever, but Ubisoft is bringing it back. Was it because O’Malley started tweeting Ubisoft about it last month? Likely not, but who knows? Perhaps one guy can fight off seven evil lawyers to get a game reinstated.

The new Complete Edition will include the Knives Chau and Wallace Wells DLC as well as 4-person multiplayer. It will be available later this year.

It may be the smallest Xbox ever, but it’s still not cute

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That’s 2020 gaming’s worst kept secret. The Xbox Series S is the budget-friendly version of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. It’s existence has long been rumored, and Microsoft finally confirmed it after the promo video leaked earlier today. The big news for the little guy is the price. It’s $299, and supposedly there will be a $25-a-month payment plan option that comes with Xbox Game Pass. Not bad, if you’re content with mostly 1080p (with upscaled 1440p) and a tiny 512GB drive to go with your disc-less hardware.

The game of price chicken with Sony has just kicked off!

Do Flight Simulator fans have the stamina for Airplane Mode?

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While you’re all gaga for Microsoft Flight Simulator’s spectacular launch, there’s another game that offers the true flight experience. Airplane Mode from Bacronym features all the excitement of real flying as a passenger. In coach class seating. On a real-time six hour flight. There’s the possibility of turbulence. You’ll hear intercom announcements. Mostly, there’s boredom.

Obviously, it’s a gag stamina game, like Desert Bus, but it presents a scenario I can actually judge for verisimilitude. I’m probably never going to pilot a Boeing 747, like the one in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but I’ve sure as heck sat in one for an eternity, scrunched between other helpless passengers, trying not to spill my in-flight soda as it bounces on the seat tray. Do I know the stall characteristics of the Icon A5? I do not. Do I know the pain of flipping through the airline magazine for the third time, desperately trying to find something interesting to read. Yes.

More importantly, you can play Airplane Mode with no special equipment. Good luck finding a nice joystick or throttle setup now that everyone is playing Flight Simulator.

Travel into a psycho’s brain in the last Borderlands 3 DLC

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Gearbox has announced the fourth and final planned DLC of the Borderlands 3 Season Pass. Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck will feature a journey into the madness that is Krieg’s mind courtesy of some wacky science. There, the player will map the dream-state of Vaulthalla and hang out with two of Krieg’s warring personas.

Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck launches on September 10th. Gearbox has not announced any further DLC, but they have said that their special live service events will continue.

What’s more annoying than one goose in Untitled Goose Game? Two geese!

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A two-player cooperative mode is coming to Untitled Goose Game. Developer House House has announced that a free update for all platforms will launch on September 23rd featuring double goose trouble. It’s not quite a gaggle, but you’ll be able to do all the jerky goose things you did before, but with a jerky buddy to help out. Two times the honking, flapping, and stealing. Wreak havoc on the countryside.

The game will also be coming to Steam and on the same date.

What’s a nice shoggoth like you doing in a game like Carrion?

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I remember Donald Pleasence screaming.  He’s trapped.  A white blood cell is bearing down on him.  He’s been shrunk to microscopic size and injected into a human body.  It’s the movie Fantastic Voyage, from 1966, and the white blood cell is descending slowly and inexorably toward Donald Pleasence.  It oozes over his head and he’s screaming and he dies a terrible death.  The special effects at the time, all very practical and weirdly theatrical, presented a white blood cell as basically bubbles from bubble bath.  Donald Pleasence screams as a stagehand pours bubble bath bubbles over his head.  I mean, that’s how it looks to me now.  But at the time, it was utterly horrific.  Donald Pleasence screaming as it consumed his head.

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Control more of the action in Control

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Remedy is adding more accessibility options and quality of life improvements to Control. As a free update coming for everyone when the AWE DLC launches on August 27th, the features include options to make combat less hard like recharging the player’s gun faster, taking less damage, and generally providing a bunch of toggles that will let story fans have an easier time of it. Remedy is also increasing the number of checkpoints so players can have a better way to navigate the mind-bending corridors of the Oldest House.

As someone that gladly breezed through the Last of Us Part II, thanks to some great combat options, I applaud Remedy’s plan. Although Control wasn’t particularly hard on the default settings, there were some spikes that caused frustration rather than keeping me in the mood of the game.

Another way to be embarrassingly eliminated is coming to Fall Guys

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the massive sleeper hit from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital, is getting its first update. Included in the patch will be Jump Showdown, the “fan-favorite” level from the beta. It’s the one with a large booms that spins around, knocking players off, while sections of the floor fall away. The developers say more levels and costumes are coming as well, which is great news for the multiplayer party game.

There’s no word yet on how Mediatonic will respond to reports of rampant cheating. The developer said they are aware of some issues and are working on fixes.

In defense of the Batmobile. A look back at one of Arkham Knight’s best features.

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It’s been five years since Rocksteady wrapped up the Batman series that began in Arkham Asylum, continued into Arkham City, took a brief pre-tour with another developer for Arkham Origins, and then crescendoed in Arkham Knight.  One of the finale’s most prominent features was also its most divisive: the Batmobile.  If you ask someone their opinion of Arkham Knight, you’re likely to also get their opinion of the Batmobile.  “Great game, but the Batmobile stuff sucked,” will be a common refrain.

As an observer of game design, driving game aficionado, and professional contrarian, I take issue with this conclusion.  It fails to appreciate one of Rocksteady’s best design decisions in an all-around excellent game.  So I am here in defense of one of Batman’s greatest toys and how well it was expressed in Rocksteady’s greatest game (although you’ll note my enthusiasm for the Batmobile hadn’t fully developed when I reviewed the game).

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You can always opt for PlayStation if you want Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers

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Sorry, web-head fans on PC or Xbox. Spider-Man will only be available on the PlayStation version of Marvel’s Avengers. Spidey will be joining the character roster in 2021 as part of a post-launch update to the superhero game but only on Sony’s console platform. Crystal Dynamics’ Scot Amos confirmed the news and explained the reason for the exclusivity. It’s a licensing issue related to the movie business.

“So the beauty of Spider-Man and what Spider-Man represents as a character in this world is, again, it comes back to the relationship with PlayStation and Marvel. We happen to be ones who can execute and deliver when it comes down to choices of where and what Spider-Man can be, that’s a relationship question that you know PlayStation absolutely has the rights to that as you guys know with Sony’s [movie rights] ownership there and Marvel with Sony saying, ‘hey, this is something we can do, this is something we can do on this platform’ and as creators we have this opportunity that we can make something unique and fun and awesome.”

Never fret, true believer. Amos offered this advice for players that need a dose of Peter Parker in their game.

“And for those players who absolutely want to play as Spider-Man, you have the option to do so on PlayStation.”

Marvel’s Avengers will launch on September 4

Let’s meet Secret Government member Ramiro Vazquez

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Allow me to introduce you to Ramiro Vazquez.  Reader, this is Ramiro.  Ramiro, reader.  Ramiro is a member of a small nameless organization hidden deep underneath the machinery of government, yet profoundly involved in the affairs of state.  A “deep state”, if you will.  Our secret brotherhood pulls the strings that run the world.  Yes, it’s a brotherhood.  We don’t allow girls into the club.  This is the 1600s.  Think of it as a pre-Kassandra Ubisoft game.

Let me show you what Ramiro can do.

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Frog Fractions just jumped to Steam

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Frog Fractions, the craziest edutainment game you can play, is now on Steam in a Game of the Decade Edition. It’s free, with some optional hat DLC. If you don’t know anything about Frog Fractions, then play it immediately and don’t read any further. Seriously. Don’t.

But what if you’ve played it already? Is there any special reason to pick this up? Spoilers ahoy!

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