We want to thank Jeff for contributing this interesting editorial. We'd also like to note that it predates any discussion we've had here on our message boards about game writing.

When Reviews Go Bad

By Jeff LackeySuch a headache I get from game reviews!

You know it, I know it, all Godís chilluns know it: a lot of computer game writing sucks. How many times have you read a review and wondered if the writer was reviewing the same game that you were playing? For that matter, how many times have you read a review and wondered what in the hell the writer was talking about? Bad reviews are like Anne Heche Ė they go both ways. You can find reviews that castigate excellent games, and you can read reviews that hold gaming excrement up as caviar.

The question is why? Even as you read this, another piece of illiterate refuse is being posted somewhere under the heading of "review." Is there some massive conspiracy to pull a global practical joke on gamers? Nope - the reasons are much more mundane than that. Letís take a look at the roots of bad reviews.

Find out what makes a good review