Top Ten Things Gamers Learned from the 2000 Election

10. When asked when the recount will be done, officials should reply, "When it's ready".

9. The Electoral College is buggy and needs a patch.

8. Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris resembles the main character in Drakan -- not Rynn, the warrior chick, but Arokh, the dragon.

7. Elderly Florida voters need turn-based ballots instead of real time punchfests.

6. 3D Realms should change the name of Duke Nukem Forever to Duke Nukem Before We Have a New President.

5. "Hanging Chad" isn't just a move in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.

4. Florida resident and Battlecruiser 3000 designer Derek Smart has not publicly denied that he created the Palm Beach County butterfly ballots.

3. Not only did Pat Buchanan fail to get 1% of the vote, but Daikatana probably got more votes as a write-in candidate.

2. Crazy Taxi is a lot of fun if you pretend it's 1974, name your character George W., and simulate driving home from a party.

And the number one thing gamers learned from the 2000 Election is...

1. Al Gore invented Pong.