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The Sacrifice Tutorial

Night of the Giant

Quake III Team Election 2000

Two's Company

Drive, He Said

Trevor, Angel of Death

Chasing Amy

Truculent Trevor


Clicking Away at Healing Potions

After September 11, 2001

Aliens vs. Sex

EB or not EB?


The following are columns originally published on Daily Radar

Commentary on commentary (May 31, 2000, the first appearance of Trevor)

Trevor Rages against the Machine (August 16, 2000)

The All-Singing, All-Dancing Crap of the World (July 12, 2000)

Presidential debates and porn don't mix (October 4, 2000)

The horror, the horror (October 25, 2000)

2001 Sundance Film Festival (January 24, 2001)