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I was looking for a picture of a Rip Off machine, and found this link. No Rip Off, but an Armor Attack shows up in one pic.

This is such a trip down memory lane for me, and I was a true master of some of the oddball games shown. As I recall, I could get to level 11 or 12 of Turkey Shoot (God, I loved the sniper levels!), and my high score on Tron was somewhere in the 400,000 range. They don't show one, but in college (1988) I beat Vindicators, beat the secret level, and won a Vindicators T-shirt from Atari. Still have that in a box somewhere.

Oh, and here is the Rip Off link: Cinematronics forever! My brother and I could get pretty far in two-player, around +250 bonus levels in our best game, IIRC.

As I have learned while constructing this post, you can find most anything at the Killer List of Video Games.

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