Can anyone recommend a decent KVM?

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I'm not even sure where it might be best to post this question, so here goes nothin:

I always seem to have a KVM at work, but never having bought one for home, I haven't paid much attention to the brand names. Now I want one so I can get all my work stuff off my gaming rig and not have to plunk another monitor on my desk.

BTW, have any of you tried this? How does it work for gaming (programmable joysticks, etc)?

As I look through pricewatch, I see that Belkin pretty much has the market locked up. But I have the standard 4 port Belkin box at work and I know I've used better switch boxes.

Can anyone recommend a decent one?

Here's what I consider important:

-jacks for 4 ps2 boxes
-support for wheel mouse
-support for Linux
-support for 1280x1024 with a decent refresh rate (85hz or better)
-the console is no more than 6 ft away from any one of the boxes (heh, so much for heating my office.)

In addition to the above, I'd like a button to switch between each box so that I don't have to push a single button 3 times to go from box1 to box 4, like on my current belkin. The other thing I don't like about my belkin is the use of the scroll lock key to switch between boxes. If this feature worked better it would solve my first problem but pressing the scroll lock key sometimes also switches caps and num lock keys on and off. Oiy.

I had an excellent KVM at one point, but I can't remember what brand it was. It had two rows of led lights to let me know which boxes were online and which one was active and it used "control + control + to switch boxes. Sweet. Ring a bell with anyone?

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