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Thread: Australia revokes patent for the wheel

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    Australia revokes patent for the wheel

    Major setback for science as Australia revokes patent for the wheel granted in 2001! Clearly this destroys any motivation to pursue other important innovations, such as chairs and tables. Fortunately, wheel patents remain valid in several other countries.

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    Hey, if they were first to file...

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    Like a lot of articles on patents, this one is ill-informed, poorly researched, and off base.

    The patent in question, an Australian innovation patent (versus an Australian standard patent) is form of patent that does not require mandatory examination. In the case of this patent, it seems like it wasn't examined. It's a form of patenting that really only operates as a placeholder, with detailed examination/review only occurring if you assert it against somebody or if someone challenges it later.

    The U.S. doesn't have an equivalent format, though other countries do (e.g., the German utility model).

    I find that 90%+ of articles are patents are equivalent to going down to Best Buy and hearing their "geeks" talk about computers and how you should buy a bigger hard drive to improve your computer's memory.

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