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Thread: Robot car does 130mph at Bonneville Salt Flats, heads for Pikes Peak

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    Robot car does 130mph at Bonneville Salt Flats, heads for Pikes Peak

    Too awesome. Thrun and company (the Stanford team who won the off-road DARPA Grand Challenge robot-driving competition) are still at it.
    Quote Originally Posted by SingularityWeb, a quite awesome site
    It will be one of the more daring feats of robotic driving ever attempted: Stanfordís autonomous car, an Audi named Shelley, will [COLOR=#0066cc]race up Pikeís Peak at breakneck speeds[/COLOR]. That mountain has been the proving grounds for racers since 1916, with [COLOR=#0066cc]annual competitions[/COLOR] to see who can scale its treacherous curves in the shortest time. While not scheduled to make the Peak attempt until September, Shelley has been undergoing thorough testing. It reached speeds of 130 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and ran a small tight-turn loop for the media in San Jose. All without the need for a human driver.
    Can't wait!

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    It'd even be more awesome if they equipped it with an oscillation overthruster.

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    I'm disappointed. The thread title kind of made it sound as if the car had gone rogue.

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    It better go at Mars rover speed on Pikes Peak. I say this as someone that has challenged Pikes video games.

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    I LOVED Pikes Peak in Dirt.

    In real life? I only drove up once as a child (my dad drove, ok?) and I lived in Colorado Springs for 20 years.

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