I have a certain sickness for indie games. I buy them all the time. I’m in so many alpha and beta tests right now that it’s humanly impossible to play them all. Some games stick with me and some games don’t. My latest purchase has completely captured my imagination.

After the jump, what is?

One underlying theme spans a large amount of my game purchases: survival. I’ve spent hours upon hours Minecrafting, not starving, Dwarf Fortressing, etc…. So, when I found Cube World it’s no surprise that I picked it up. I am now obsessed with this game.

The game is, graphically, very similar to Minecraft. Honestly, it’s more like 3D Dot Heroes, but most people are more familiar with Minecraft so I’m leaving it at that. You start out by making a character that’s either a warrior, mage, rogue or ranger from the choices of race available. I picked an undead warrior and named him Saucy Jim.

After character creation, you create a world to explore. This is kind of the same concept as Dwarf Fortress or Minecraft in that the world is randomized and filled with stuff which you can then interact. It also features crafting. Beyond that, the comparisons come to an end. Cube World is a cute, blocky Elder Scrolls game.

In the world the game places towns, NPCs, monsters, dungeons and all manner of other stuff. You go out adventuring to kill bosses or you can get missions from certain NPCs. As you play, you level and spend points in a skill tree, find new weapons and armor and tame pets. Tired of a world? Create a new one and keep your character. If you want to play with friends, you can host a server for co-op play and anything attained in the world stays with your characters.

Though all of the stuff I’ve described is super fascinating to me, the one thing that really stands out is how the world works with exploration. The zones, for lack of a better word, are absolutely huge and all have very distinct borders. It can take quite a bit of time to reach the next zone, and when you do – you find another zone of roughly the same size with new features. Beyond that is another. And another. In one world I went from lush climates, to the desert then to a frozen climate. In another I find myself hopping between a series of islands in a great ocean, only to find a really high level, evil temple teeming with monsters.

What will I find next? I haven’t the slightest idea, but I can’t wait to get back to it.