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IllumiRoom makes bullets fly out of your screen, Michael Bay jealous

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IllumiRoom is as close as we’ll get to Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt in my lifetime. It’s one of those wacky proof-of-concept things from Microsoft Research that makes you instantly want it when you see it regardless of the practicality.

There’s an official document, but it’s filled with techncial stuff that makes my head spin. Spatial augmented reality? Radiometric compensation? I just want to shoot stuff and watch the explosions come out of my TV screen and onto my walls. How many souls do I need to sacrifice to make that happen?

Sony’s Vita also a Korean pop music delivery system

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Before today, I didn’t know that K-pop was a thing. I’d heard of J-pop. Japanese pop music. But there was Korean pop, pre-Psy? Who knew? Not only do I now know it’s a thing, but I’m dangerously close to actually considering the possibility of maybe looking into the option of perhaps buying Kara’s latest album, Step. Oh, look, it’s $12 on iTunes. Kara is a K-pop group that really took off in Japan, hence their inclusion in a Vita rhythm game called DJ Max Technika Tune, in which I am now level three (3!) at listening to them and watching them prance around glittery stages in cute little costumes. Well, trying to watch, but my finger keeps getting in the way as I poke at the gameplay bits.

There might be other musical artists in DJ Max Technika Tune, but I’m not sure.

Hell is first-person slashing with friends

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Techland has announced Hellraid, a first-person hack & slash game with system generated online challenges. The game can be played in singleplayer, but it sounds like co-op with three other hellraiders may be more fulfilling. Techland has added a points-based rewards ladder to Dead Island style co-op gameplay, which could be exactly what the system needs to mix things up.

Fighting hordes of hellish monsters is far more exciting when you do it with friends. To make it even more satisfying we’ve added an element or coopetition between the players. Each action in the game, be it killing a monster or helping a dying companion, is rewarded with points. The best players will receive special rewards and climb up the leaderboards.

“Coopetition” is a term that I sincerely hope does not catch on. I’m still getting used to freemium and phablet.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 possibly canceled

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Kotaku reports that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 is “not happening” for any platform and that the decision to cancel the title is part of the strategy implemented after the disasterous earnings results that ended with CEO John Riccitiello’s departure. The game was supposed to have been outsourced to give the in-house development team two years to work on Tiger Woods 16 for next-gen systems, but will instead be skipped entirely to save money.

Theater of War mode announced for Company of Heroes 2

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theater of war mode

Relic has announced a new mode to Company of Heroes 2 called Theater of War which consists of additional co-op and singleplayer challenges that will put your real-time abilities to the test. The pack launching with the game is called Theater of War 1941 and will feature nine unique missions each for the German and Soviet sides with units and abilities based on the time period.

Greg Wilson, Producer of Company of Heroes 2, commented, “We get a lot of requests from fans to showcase specific conflicts from the war and it isn’t always possible to fit these into the campaign. Theatre of War gives us the opportunity to deliver these new gameplay experiences to our fans.”

Quinn Duffy, Game Director commented, “Theatre of War acts as a perfect bridge between the game’s single and multiplayer content providing a high level of re-playability and helping to introduce traditionally solo players to the online elements of the game.”

Future packs are planned that will present challenges from later in the conflict.

And the first winner of the Skullgirls character vote is…

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…Eliza. From developer Lab Zero’s “playstyle speculation” section:

The ultimate attack-from-disadvantage character. Because of her kinship with her [skeletal] parasite, Eliza can control her own blood. Each time she is hit she bleeds, [Mortal Kombat] style, and the blood stays on the stage. Certain specials and supers can then use it.

Uh, eww? Wait, I meant, “Cool!” I think. Whatever’s going on with Eliza, she’s definitely not normal. See Lab Zero’s full-length concept art after the jump to check out assets that would make Portal’s Chell jealous. I can only imagine how she gets around with those!

The next round of voting to determine the fourth and final character in the upcoming Skullgirls DLC should begin shortly. Good luck, Annie and Sagan!

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April 29: wallet threat level no joke

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Remember Ubisoft’s April Fool’s Day announcement for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon that turned out not to be a joke? The fifteen-dollar downloadable game out this week will presumably demonstrate that the Far Cry 3 engine is too good to be contained solely in Far Cry 3. It is apparently so good that it knocks itself back into a previous decade. This standalone release was inspired by the vision of the future realized on VHS tapes in the 80s. It therefore stars Michael Biehn. In other words, it came across time for me.

The add-on for Heroes of Might & Magic VI, Shades of Darkness, is apparently enough to merit its release as a standalone game, but like Blood Dragon, not enough to increment the Roman numeral. Ubisoft is at the forefront of numeric conservation.

Zeno Clash II — note the incremented Roman numeral! — is the latest installment in Chilean developer Ace Team’s first person puncher series, which began life over ten years ago as a Quake mod. You explore alien worlds and sometimes punch exotice creatures. Even if it’s awful, it will probably be better than anything you see on Syfy these days. Can you tell that I’m watching Defiance?

Deadly Premonitions will be re-released in the form of a “director’s cut”. Consider me surprised that the original release of this weird take on America and Twin Peaks wasn’t already its director’s cut. Did you know that you fight an axe-weilding jawa in that game?

Finally, if you have a Vita, it’s not dead yet. Soul Sacrifice is more than happy to drink up as much time as you want to give it.

Pirates complain about piracy, irony meter explodes

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Pirates suck. That’s something we can all agree on. Unless you’re a dirty pirate, of course. Then you’re probably too busy enjoying DRM-free games to notice what other people think of you. Greenheart Games wanted to send a wake-up call to pirates, so they uploaded a “cracked” version of their casual game development game, Game Dev Tycoon, to torrent sharing sites. This version of the game was a bit special. Hours into playing it, pirates found their virtual game development company losing money due to piracy until they went out of business.

Boss, it seems that while many players play our new game, they steal it by downloading a cracked version rather than buying it legally.

If players don’t buy the games they like, we will sooner or later go bankrupt.

Predictably, players of the pirated version of the game took to various forums to complain about the in-game piracy ruining their games. Some even asked if there was a way to research DRM in the game to foil the virtual thieves. Irony unlocked!

Patrick Klug of Greenheart Games posted the results of their experiment one day after they started it. 93.6% of Game Dev Tycoon players were using the pirated version rather than paying $8 to play the game legitimately, or even using the free demo.

If you don’t care about all of this and just want to get a cracked and illegal version then we can’t do anything about that, but if years down the track you wonder why there are no games like these anymore and all you get to play is pay-to-play and social games designed to suck money out of your pockets then the reason will stare back at you in the mirror.

For extra Inception-like zaniness, Game Dev Tycoon is an homage (some say rip-off) of Kairosoft’s mobile game, Game Dev Story. Ride the kick back up the layers!

What’s it going to take to get you to bring home this handheld?

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Nintendo of America is selling refurbished handhelds via their official online store. They come with the same one year warranty as new products and “are guaranteed to be fully functional, but may have minor cosmetic blemishes.” Prices range from $169.98 for a Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D to $99.99 for a Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL.

You can find these used systems selling for cheaper on eBay and other online shops, but they don’t come with a one year warranty from Nintendo, which carries a certain amount of trustworthiness that Llamalover2524 may not have.