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Volition’s near death experience

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Volition has had an amazing couple of years. They shipped the disappointing Red Faction Armageddon, then shipped the critically and commercially successful Saints Row: The Third. Shortly afterwards, parent company THQ imploded and Volition was sold in an auction to Koch Media and publisher Deep Silver.

Now, they are developing Saints Row 4 and settling in with their new bosses. Volition spoke to Polygon about the transition and what it means to create a game the tops the gonzo zaniness of Saints Row: The Third.

During the auction process, the team at Volition had to receive potential bidders at its Champaign offices, giving the competition a thorough, unrestricted tour of its facilities, its technology and its projects. Including the still-unannounced Saints Row 4.

“For example, here’s Ubisoft sitting across the room from you,” Boone explained. “And, you’re going through everything in your project. You’re talking about the budget, you’re talking about the staff, you’re talking about your process, you’re talking about your… I mean, everything.

“They’re all our competitors. So, it’s like… it’s strange. One of the ways we reconciled it – at least selfishly for Saints Row 4 – is that we knew that, in the not-too-distant future, we were going to be announcing the game.”

Crytek CEO says graphics have always driven gameplay

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Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli is famously outspoken about the games his company makes and the direction he believes the industry is headed. Yerli spoke to X360 Magazine and said that graphics are “60% of the game.”

“People say that graphics don’t matter,” says Yerli, “but play Crysis and tell me they don’t matter. It’s always been about graphics driving gameplay.”

Yerli told Gamasutra in March that he blamed Crysis 3’s less than enthusiatic reception on “console fatigue” and expectations based on the first Crysis game.

Tomb Raider let’s play resumes

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After an Easter hiatus, Vickie’s Tomb Raider let’s plays, posted on YouTube under the name Owlsighs, have resumed! I love how Crystal Dynamics is playing her like a violin. For instance, her reaction to Dr. Whitman. And these:

“Is there someone singing in the background?”
“Oh. That’s open now. That wasn’t open the last time.”
“That’s disgusting! That would smell horrible!”
“What language is this? What is that symbol?”
“What’s with the creepy music if these are our friends?”
“Oh my god, no frickin’ way. Oh for Pete’s sake, really? Oh, frick.”
“Hmm, looks like we could jump up there. Let’s try it.”

I’m almost dreading the next episode.

Game over for Wii Channels

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Nintendo of America sent word that some Wii channels will be shut down in June. You remember the Wii, right? That’s that small white console that glows blue when you turn the lights out. The following channels will turn off forever on June 28th:

Nintendo Channel
News Channel
Forecast Channel
Everybody Votes Channel
Mii Contest Channel

The Wii Shop Channel will continue to operate.