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Killing 800 rats in Guild Wars 2

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During one of the storyline missions in Guild Wars 2 — these will vary based on your answers to multiple choice questions when you make your character — I had to investigate some strange goings on in the sewers of Lion’s Arch, the game’s main city. The mission takes place in an instance of the sewers scripted to involve some things I’ll leave you to discover on your own. But as soon as you walk in, you see a steady stream of rats coming out of the sewers. The idea is that there’s something up ahead that they want no part of.

So I did the mission and then ended up back at the entrance, watching the rats stream out. I’m not proud of what happened next.

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September 10: wallet threat level hokey

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NHL13, which stands for the National Hokey League 13, is out this week. In this sport, you hit a round thing with a stick, which means hokey is very similar to the sports of golf, baseball, and jai alai. If you’re into hokey, this is your lucky week.

The other game out this week is Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is a lot more fun that NHL 13 when it comes to saying the names of a game out loud. Go ahead, try it. Saying NHL 13 makes it sound like you’re ready to take a nap. Saying Tekken Tag Tournament 2 makes it sound like you’re announcing the impending arrival of something at least snappy, if not downright exciting.

Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Expendables 2

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In The Expendables 2, a bunch of former movie stars stand around shooting guns at stunt men and then saying various things that Kellywand will reenact in this week’s synopsis. Plus, we solicit advice from folks who sell movie tickets. This week’s 3×3, our choices for best shutdowns, begins at the 46-minute mark.

Next week: The Master