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Secret World: ornithology 101

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When the quests in Secret World are hard, sometimes it’s because the game is broken. Other times, it’s because I’m an idiot. For an example of the latter, I submit to you a really cool quest early in the game that you have to solve by exploring the world as a ghost. In your ghost state, you have to find white ravens that will fly away when you approach, leading you to the next waypoint. I spent longer than I care to admit trying to get the raven in the above screenshot to fly away.

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Qt3 Games Podcast: have iPad, won’t travel

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Tom Chick discovers there’s no better way to be flu stricken than with a brand new iPad. And Jason McMaster discovers a game on the Steam sale that he should have played when it came out. Plus, bad news for Bioware, the Torchlight developer’s triumphant smackdown, a minor smorgasbord of boardgames, and what happens in Secret World when you party with McMaster (hint: it involves watching him die a lot).


Early bird gets the fish in Tiny Wings

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The new update for Tiny Wings, perhaps the most ingenuous combination of simplicity and charm ever to grace the iOS, adds a new mode in which you race three brother birds to the finish line. The brother birds are like ghost cars in a racing game, taking the same route each time you play. Any other game would simply dole out first, second, third, and last place at the end of the race. In Tiny Wings, a mama bird waits at the finish line and tosses fish to the baby birds as they arrive, from largest to smallest. Like I said, perhaps the most ingenuous combination of simplicity and charm ever to grace the iOS.

The Tiny Wings update is free because creator Andreas Illiger “[doesn’t] particulary like in-app purchases”. You and me both, brother!