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Hey, look what the catfish dragged into DC Universe Online

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The latest update to DC Universe Online, the MMO I’d probably be playing if it weren’t for Secret World, arrives today. It features a much maligned superhero.

The impending Atlantean civil war between Aquaman and his brother, Ocean Master, has come crashing into DC Universe Online. Today, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) unleashes the Tides of War Summer Seasonal Event, where the fight for the Atlantis crown has come to the surface in a fierce battle for all to witness. Players must choose a side and assist either Aquaman and his loyal Atlanteans or Ocean Master and Mutineers to victory.

Aquaman’s brother’s name is Ocean Master? That can’t be his actual name. I assume it’s just a title that he’s let go to his head.

Tides of War offers players an all-new boss battle with up to four players, open world missions on the waters between Metropolis and Little Bohemia, Atlantean turrets throughout the map, and a slew of new rewards and item drops including Atlantean Suit appearance, Fisherman appearance and new pets!

I’m glad to see an update that doesn’t shove everything into instances. DC Universe Online offered players a wonderful Gotham and Metropolis to explore, and I hope the latest updates have taken better advantage of that. I’m also glad to see Aquaman given his due. Can an Aquaman movie be far behind?

You already know how to play Guardians of Middle Earth

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One of the obstacles for jumping into a real time strategy game like League of Legends or DOTA2 is the sheer variety. League of Legends has over one hundred characters. Picking one of them is literally just the beginning. Then you have to figure out the other nine in your current game.

One way around this is a license. Monolith, a once great developer who’s been on the rocks for a while, is bringing to bear the Lord of the Rings license to make a League of Legends style game (I just can’t bring myself to use “MOBA”, or multiplayer online battle arena, which does nothing to distinguish the genre from your average multiplayer shooter). Although League of Legends has developed a rich set of lore around its characters, I don’t know the first thing about it. But I do know my Lord of the Rings. Legolas is a ranged damage character, Gandalf is a support tank, Gollum is a sneaky assassin type, and Boromir will have some sort of self-sacrifice damaging power. There. I’ve never even played the game and I already know how some of the characters work. I didn’t even need to watch this video about the unique powers for Gandalf and Gollum.

Also, since Guardians of Middle Earth will be a console-only game, how hard can it be? We’ll find out this fall.