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Secret World: these are the houses that Ragnar built

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Being a horror themed game, Secret World has its share of haunted houses. Two of them are among my favorite quests in any MMO. This isn’t necessarily saying much, given that the bar for making a good MMO quest is notoriously low. But these two haunted houses are examples of everything right and everything wrong with Secret World. For better and worse, this is what happens when you play an MMO partly designed by Ragnar Tornquist, the creator of the Longest Journey single-player adventure games.

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Losing the battle for the living room, but winning the war

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This isn’t a post complaining about the Red Ring of Death or Yellow Lights. It’s a far more serious problem than that. I have had a recurring console tech problem far more severe than those minor issues for the past four or five years. You see, I have two sons, ages thirteen and seven. That’s a terminal problem when it comes to televisions and console gaming.

I expect gamers in a similar situation understand where I’m coming from. For those who don’t immediately grasp the subtleties of the situation, let me explain.

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Introducing Awesomenauts’ new girl

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Developer Ronimo announces that the first new characters for their side-scrolling console-based League of Legends-a-like, Awesomenauts, will be free. A patch scheduled to go live on July 23rd will include two new characters: Coco, a melee fighter who rides a hoverboard, will be Awesomenauts’ only chick, and Zork — hey, isn’t that trademarked? — is some mech dude who shoots cats out of a gun. Did you get that? He shoots cats out of a gun. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

The patch will also include a mess of the balance changes you see in any real time strategy game after its first round of contact with the player base. Read more specifics here.

Wallet threat level apocalypse 2012

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Valve’s Steam sale has begun. Read it and weep, then duck and cover, because all those games you didn’t get when they came out are laying siege to your wallet.

This is just the opening salvo in what will be a sustained assault. Looking at today’s deals, I can understand Modern Warfare 3 for thirty bucks. A reasonable deal. But it’s very nearly a crime against humanity to get Shogun 2 and Crusader Kings II for less than $10. The one that confuses me is Ridge Racer Unbounded for $25, situated in the middle of the grid as if to give it credibility by proxy to so many other good deals.