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The best thing you’ll see all week: Girls

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-I’m sorry you don’t get what’s so hilarious about me peeing on you.
-Okay, you are not a good apologizer. Just FYI.

Hannah Horvath sits in a dark theater, watching the tech rehearsal for a friend’s play. Opening night is two weeks out, so the edges are a little rough, but she is entranced. For good reason. The man she is watching, her friend Adam, is utterly captivating. Confident. Sexy. Powerful. Raw. Scary. She is almost alone with him in the theater, and as he shifts from his monologue to the next beat in the tech rehearsal, she seems about to lean forward and give a bit of direction. It’s a jarring moment, since while Hannah is played by Lena Dunham, the creator of the show and a woman undoubtedly able to give direction, Hannah the character could never do that. At least not competently.

Shortly after that theater scene there is a moment in this eighth episode of the first season of HBO’s Girls when the show seems to be directly talking about itself. Hannah is telling Adam why he should do the play when he has decided to quit. But Girls is not only talking about itself–plenty of shows do that–it’s also pulling thoughts out of our heads:

Do you know how unusual it is to see someone doing something like that? Like what you were doing, okay? That’s so open and honest and weird and you’re not making fun of them in your mind?

Lena Dunham has found a way to scramble our brains. She does it naturally, instinctively, just the way Adam does his monologue, and just the way he quits it. She shows us herself and not without fear, but without winking. She’s created something that is open and honest and weird and I’m not making fun of it in my mind.

You are not ready for Le Havre

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Do you see that Le Havre screenshot up there and think, “Gah, who could ever make sense of that jumble?” If so, this hard-to-learn/hard-to-master brain bender about not getting what you want might be a bit much for you. Because if you think that screenshot is daunting, wait until you get to the game itself.

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations: the game I never knew I had

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There’s a tense, deep, and addictive stealth game in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, but you won’t find it in the single-player campaign. It’s tucked away in the multiplayer mode, an addition that sounded so tacked-on I never tried it when it first appeared in the previous game, Brotherhood. For me, Assassin’s Creed was strictly a single-player game: the bizarre, time-jumping story of Desmond Miles and his ancestors’ battle against Templars, or aliens, or something. Assassin’s Creed multiplayer? Probably just an excuse to sell some DLC.

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Your Daily McMaster: Battlefield 3 is hell

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I pre-ordered Battlefield 3. I had to. Being a fan of the series since its inception, I felt the need to own the latest edition in all of its glory. Oddly, I didn’t feel that need for 2142.

When my copy arrived, I was in the middle of a gaming explosion – October and November of 2011 were chock full of great releases – so I set Battlefield aside. Fast forward to today and I find myself kind of bored. I’ve been playing Age of Empires III with Tom for a week straight (more on that later) and winning well less than 10% of our matches. That’s not a problem for me since I’m stubborn and will overtake Mr. Chick eventually. If nothing else, I’m younger than him, so I’ll go challenge his grave when I’m in my 80s. Hell, he’ll probably still win.

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