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Your Daily McMaster: killing Kermond

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In light of the announcements that Kelly Wand, Desslock, and Erik Wolpaw will join Tom vs Bruces if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its stretch goal, I’m going to offer advice to those playing against Tom Chick in a strategy game. I spent most of E3 deathly ill at Tom’s house. In the rare hours I wasn’t sleeping or wishing for sweet death, Tom and I played games. This included Age of Empires III and Sins of a Solar Empire. I waged war against Commandant Chick for ownership of the age of discovery, the age of colonization, the industrial age, and even entire galaxies.

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Weekly Little Big Planet: my enemy, myself

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An online friend sent me a message after E3 asking how excited I was about the upcoming LBP karting game. I had no idea what he was talking about, but he made me miss LBP. I took a break to highlight Trials Evolution community tracks in this space for a couple of weeks, and while I love the game, it is somewhat limited in creative scope when held up against LittleBigPlanet. Motorcycles are cool, but are they really as cool as a helmet that shoots cupcakes? I’m a pie man, and even I’d have to say no to that.

Sadly, firing up LBP after a few weeks is going to mean updating. Not a problem with my Xbox, even when it has been similarly dormant. Somehow that works through the process without a hitch. But my PS3 updating LBP? That’s always going to take at least two days of various rebootings and the entire home network falling to pieces. So…

This week’s Trials Evolution track is Heavy Machinery 1.1. It was designed by Fruity Gudness. Yes, the Escher part took me about fifty tries to get past, but I love the shifty loopiness of this track. It brought to mind the orange Matchbox Car tracks of my youth. More importantly…

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