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Avengers pinball combats Loki, lovesick demigods, prostate cancer

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Of the four tables in Avenger’s Chronicles, three are exposition heavy tangents into Avengers comic books I didn’t read. The World War Hulk table, for instance, has far too much Hulk reminiscing and not nearly enough Hulk smashing. For a table about an indestructible superhero destroying an entire city, it’s mostly concerned with spelling words as Hulk tells us about his sports buddies back on planet Sackarr.

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Tom vs Bruce reboot is officially official

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Thanks to the largess of folks on Kickstarter, Tom vs Bruce will be starting up again in about two weeks. Unfortunately, we won’t be doing Diablo III despite my best efforts. I was hoping we could set up a hardcore game to see who could live longest, and I had every intention of luring Bruce into a deathtrap. I doubt he would have even made it to the Skeleton King.

But we’ve still got a few surprises in store. If we can reach a stretch goal, we’ll be collaborating with three very special guests. We’ll be announcing them over the next three days, as well as dropping hints about our first Tom vs Bruce. So keep an eye on the updates at our Kickstarter page and help us spread the word!