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Kinect makes things more complicated even for gods

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Babel Rising, an upgraded version of a tower defense game for the iPhone, is about using god powers to kill little dudes trying to build a tower of Babel. It was a pretty simple game on the iPhone that involved a lot of jabbing and swiping, so naturally this upgraded version features support for Move on the Playstation 3 and Kinect on the Xbox 360. I’ve been playing on the 360 with a gamepad, since I don’t live in a Kinect enabled household.

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Krater is a shallow dent in the action RPG genre

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You don’t need a AAA budget to make a great action RPG, or even just a fascinating action RPG. Instead, you need an appreciation for what makes the genre tick: the hack, the slash, the loot, the character leveling, the variety, the exploration, the calculus of risk/reward, the sense of personal investment. There’s a reason so many of us are clicking so obsessively through Diablo III, and it’s not just because it’s a pretty game. The best action RPGs are carefully calculated to go directly from the lizard brain to the index finger. Krater, an action RPG from a small Swedish studio, instead meanders, gets lost, and ends up in a quiet cul de sac somewhere around the cerebellum.

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