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Awesomenauts’ old familiar grind

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Awesomenauts is a mostly unimaginative re-tread of the all-too-familiar Defense of the Ancients gameplay. Pick a lane. Push with your creeps towards turrets. Maybe jungle a little. Kill the other team’s dudes for a leg up. Endure, endure, upgrade, endure, endure, upgrade. Once you get a few levels on the other team, push a little harder. Endure some more. Endure. Push. Upgrade? Nope, not just yet. Endure. Kill. Endure. Now upgrade. Win. Or lose. Like Ronimo’s actually awesome Swords and Soldiers, Awesomenauts is a compressed experience, so a game will typically take 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes. But beyond the fact that it’s a gleefully cartoony 2D sidescrolling game, Awesomenauts does little to distinguish itself from, say, Demigod or League of Legends.

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Weekly Little Big Planet: mind the gap

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It’s not that I’m over LBP, but for the next few weeks or so we’ll be tooling around in a new community, the RedLynx community that is designing tracks for the Xbox Live game Trials Evolution. This game is my current addiction and I was pleased to find that it somewhat mirrors LBP in allowing its community to tinker with creating tracks and racing them. My favorite thing about LBP is the way its design community is structured, and while Trials Evolution is not remotely close to that level of robustness and accessibility, it’s fresh and doesn’t involve burlap. Sometimes you need a break from burlap.

So we start with my first track suggestion, Bridge Race.

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