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Weekly Little Big Planet: the thin ruled line

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Maybe it’s the jaunty Toy Story music juxtaposed against my little stick dude getting splatted by a speeding car doodle. Or maybe it’s the fact that the designer gives me the option to instantly become a cat in order to avoid being blown up by a cannon. Or perhaps it’s the part with the jumping truck doodle where you blow the horn and scare away the giant. Or the part where the notebook page tears away (pictured). Whatever it is, Paper World 2: Doodle hit the spot this week. It scratched a similar itch as last week’s community level, where I just needed to try something different.

Speaking of something different…

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Qt3 Games Podcast: March madness

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Maybe things will slow down in April, but as March subsides, we have far too many things to talk about. Michael Barnes joins us to discuss Mass Effect 3’s fan administered beatdown, the Journey brouhaha, the crazy 2D shooter Sine Mora, the enjoyable awfulness of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Kid Icarus taking flight on the 3DS, and even a taste of the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles. Of course, given that Barnes covers boardgaming over at Gameshark, expect a touch of tabletop talk.


MLB 12 The Show: home and away

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Confession time. For a series that I count as among my all-time favorites, I’ve never finished a season, or played a Road to the Show career through to retirement. I went years-deep on the latter back in 2007 on the old Playstation Portable version before my locker was broken into at the YMCA and my system stolen. They tried unsuccessfully to purchase thousands of dollars worth of sneakers with my debit card, but ultimately had their purchases invalidated. The career of Mets second baseman Seth Berkowitz was tragically cut short, however. Unless they kept playing it. That would be weird.

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Playstation owners, are you ready for some foosball?

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That is an actual thing and it’s comming soon according to the website.

Enjoy one of the most popular sports in the world from the comfort of your home on PS3, or enjoy it anywhere on PS Vita and challenge your friends in a local multiplayer for up to four players and online multiplayer and leaderboards. Running in astonishing FullHD resolution, 60 frames-per-second graphics and with support for PlayStation Move controller on the PS3 and supporting the innovative features of PS Vita, like rear touch pad and accelerometer-powered controls, Foosball 2012 is the supreme experience for any PlayStation owner.

If foosball qualifies as a sport, so does pinball. Which makes me a virtual athlete.

Kid Icarus teaches the 3DS to fly

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With Kid Icarus: Uprising, Nintendo poses the question, is there any point making one of those on-rails shooters like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron anymore? What are you going to do other than make a lightgun game or a jeep sequence in a Call of Duty? Aren’t you just going to end up with something like those wretched space battles in Star Wars: Old Republic? How much can you do with an on-rails shooter anyway?

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