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MLB 12 The Show: pillbox

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Sony Computer Entertainment of America missed a trick. They could have partnered with Majestic (makers of fine baseball apparel) to allow you to purchase customized, real-life jerseys based on the ones you appear in throughout your Road to the Show career. Let the game creep into your real life as your in-game jersey appears in your mailbox with your name sewn on the back for the low, low price of $99. I would be powerless to resist. The ‘buy’ button that launches the PSN store could pop up during your first appearance in uniform, which in my case was batting practice before my first scheduled start at second base. Dusk was descending, and Wynton Marsalis’s rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner echoed from the stadium speakers. It was a stirring, pastoral scene, and would have been an opportune time for commerce to have its way with me.

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Blackmail, genocide, rape, treason, and side-scrolling shooting in Sine Mora

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What the hell is going on in Sine Mora? I don’t just mean the crazy 2D sidescrolling bullet hell shooting, which is mostly manageable for a dilettante like me. The genre is known as shmups, presumably because the people describing it are too busy dodging bullets to sound out the words “shoot ’em up”. Hence, “shmup”. But what the hell is going on with these graphics? And this story? And Hungary?

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