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MLB 12 The Show: eighteen again

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I click the age option as high as it will go, just out of curiosity. It stops at forty-five. So I could create a forty-five year old rookie if I wanted to. I’m highly skeptical of what kind of future that player would have, though. I could try and forge a late-blooming phenom, like Roy Hobbs in The Natural (though even Hobbs was a comparatively spry thirty-five when he finally made it to the big leagues), but Road to the Show is at heart a role-playing game, and at the outset I’m only given a meager allotment of experience points to divide amongst various skills. This is a game that makes a point of showing you the list of retirees after any given season, along with their reason for exiting the game, be it age, injury, or ineffectiveness. I can’t help but think my forty-five year old rookie would show up on that very list after one, maybe two seasons tops, and shitty seasons at that, toiling away in some minor league backwater, batting .238 for the Tulsa Drillers, never even sniffing the major leagues.

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Shoot Many Robots, buy many guns, repeat many times

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Some action games challenge you to get better, use new tools, and adapt to new enemies. Shoot Many Robots can’t be bothered with that nonsense. It is a game about simply persevering, mostly by holding down a button that fires your gun. You’ll eventually buy a new gun that does more damage to shoot the robots that have more hit points to earn money to buy a new gun that does more damage to shoot the robots that have more hit points to earn money to buy a new gun that does more damage, and so on. Repeat as needed.

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Shank 2 does bulging biceps and buckets of blood in 2D

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The difference between the greatest grindhouse and the just plain tasteless is hard to define. But like the Supreme Court’s famous observation on obscenity, I know it when I see it. Great grindhouse is oddly affectionate, more than a little funny without trying too hard, as eager to please as a puppy, cheerfully grim, and completely unapologetic. It is fearless and ridiculous, more enthusiastic than crass. It is the difference between Crank and Crank 2, Planet Terror and Machete, or Drive Angry and Hobo with a Shotgun.

What I most love about Shank 2 is how well it understands this difference. Shank 2 is a great grindhouse game, not quite as glorious as House of the Dead: Overkill, but far better than the guilty pleasure of the latest Splatterhouse game.

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Qt3 Movie Podcast: 21 Jump Street

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21 Jump Street is a surprise box office hit! But how does it go over with the Qt3 movie podcast? Listen to find out whether we’re too high-falutin’ to enjoy the greatest leap from TV to film since McG’s Charlie’s Angels. And join us for this week’s 3×3, which starts at the 31-minute mark. Inspired by Silent House’s supposed single take, we discuss our favorite camera gimmicks.

Next week: The Hunger Games