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Boom Blox Bash Party diagnosed with terminal Electronic Artsism

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In the latest round of server shutdowns from Electronic Arts, Boom Blox Bash Party’s online support is on the chopping block. One of the best games you can play on the Nintendo Wii will no longer work online as of April 13th. It’s bad enough to shut down games like Burnout: Revenge, The Godfather II, and Saboteur because there aren’t many people playing them online, which means there aren’t many people who would care. But it’s another thing entirely to shut down a game like Boom Blox Bash Party that’s partly based on players creating content for other players to download. So get online levels while you still can, because they won’t be there in a month. Imagine if Sony shut down Little Big Planet. Which Electronic Arts is effectively imitating by also shutting down support for Create, a decent puzzle creation kit based on player-made content.

The there-less Journey

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I can groove on a good arthouse game. I don’t mind short, experimental, or inscrutable. I’m the kind of guy who thought Bastion was deep, The Path was meaningful, and Gravity Bone was transcendent. I might even play Dear Esther one day. But Journey, the latest release from the creators of Flower at thatgamecompany? I’d rather stay home.

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Space Pirates and Zombies galaxy gets a little more crowded

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Space Pirates and Zombies gets a hefty update today. Previously, the galaxy consisted of two main factions vying for control of each system. The civilians and UTA factions were more of less interchangeable and always self-contained. Cozy up to the civilians in one system, cozy up to the UTA in another system. But today’s update adds bounty hunters, a whole new faction with a long reach, the resources to hunt you down, and their own currency. You can compete in bounty hunter arena challenges for special crew members and you can even earn ten entirely new ships.

The update will work with your current game, but developer Andrew Hume recommends a fresh start to really appreciate the bounty hunters.

This patch will integrate itself into an existing save game, but we recommend finishing your current play through of vanilla SPAZ and starting a new one with Bounty Hunters on March 19th. Progressing through the galaxy with this new menace completes the game and should adjust the feel enough to make a new playthrough worthwhile.

More details are available here.

March 19: wallet threat level chrome

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When you see the From Software logo, you probably associate it with Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. But there was a time that logo meant something else to a select group of people. There was a time the From Software logo meant an almost absurdly complex, elegant, strategic, and online only giant robot game called Chromehounds (pictured) that never found an audience. That time is here again. You may not have known this about Armored Core V — I certainly didn’t — but it is From Software’s Chromehounds mulligan. I say that with equal degrees of enthusiasm and trepidation. Stand by for the review later this week, because this is a game that will live or die (sadly, the latter is most likely for a variety of reasons) based on the multiplayer community.

Sine Mora is just a 2D sidescrolling shooter. Or is it? Actually, it pretty much is, but it’s a really good one with just enough weirdness and beauty that I recommend it even if you don’t normally play 2D sidescrolling shooters. Stand by for the review later this week.

Then there are Capcom’s Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Nintendo’s Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden 3, all out this week, and all arguably big releases. Consider this week an elevated wallet threat all around.