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Bioware plays the gay card

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In the Normandy’s engineering bay, crew member Cortez talks about the fate of his husband, killed in an attack by invading aliens. Cortez is a dude. With a husband. Shepherd doesn’t bat an eye as yet another “how’s your family?” dialogue unfolds. It’s clumsy, but only because it’s by Bioware. Not because it’s about a gay couple. Part of the beauty of Bioware is that they’re equal opportunity clumsy writers, regardless of sexual orientation.

There’s also a point on Citadel Station where a woman is talking about her asari lover — all asari are chicks — and the tension it causes with her family. I understand Shepard himself/herself can even get into gay relationships. This has been the case all along with the main characters in Dragon Ages, Mass Effects, and maybe even earlier (were there gay characters in the Old Republic games?). I don’t know this firsthand, not because I have any aversion to a particular lifestyle. Instead, my aversion is to ridiculous romance mechanics, gay, straight, or interspecies.

So does this matter?

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Is the fighting game community worth saving? A weekend warrior weighs in.

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There has been a lot of controversy regarding the community that plays fighting games recently regarding misogyny, with two high-profile incidents in the past week: a sexual harassment incident shown on webstream via a reality show used to promote Street Fighter X Tekken called Cross Assault, and another incident that led to a top player getting sanctioned and sponsorship pulled from a series of tournies out in NorCal. I’ve seen a wide variety of reactions to the scandals, everything from folks attempting to whitewash this away as inherent to the scene, to folks saying the whole community needs to be destroyed. I figured I’d write this to show why folks still care, as I recently got a chance to hit my first modern major tournament after many years of playing these games, which have been a big part of my life.

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