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The Wasted Land’s wasted opportunity

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The developers at Red Wasp Design have a great sense of atmosphere. Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land is so promising as it boots up, with a picture of Lovecraft in all his gangly ungainly glory. Something scratchy plays at a slightly wrong speed on a gramophone, half way between warbly singing and sinister chanting. This off-kilter spirit of Lovecraft carries into the mission intros, with the characters talking to each other in suitably “period” dialogue. They’re the band of investigators you’d find in any session of Chaosium’s tabletop RPG. Gung ho British soldiers are the cheerful muscle, infused with the can-do spirit of the not quite fallen British Empire. The brains of the party are a plucky psychologist and an occultist in a turban, each with a gun in one hand and a spell book in the other.

It’s World War I. A cult of eldritch god worshippers has insinuated itself among German soldiers. Undead and Leng spiders and eventually worse are shuffling and scuttling about the trenches and mustard gas and ruined cathedrals. It’s up to your ragtag band to get to the heart of the matter.

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March 12: wallet threat level yellow

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I’m not very well versed in the Mario Party series, but based on my brief time with Mario Party 9, I can safely say it’s a great game for kids or drunk adults. If your household is host to either of those, consider this a minor wallet threat.

I feel the Silent Hill series has lost its way since the first game, but that doesn’t stop me from being curious about the latest, Silent Hill: Downpour. Still, is it a wise idea to name your game after a heavy rain?

Journey, the next game from the creators of Flower, is out this week. It has some sort of online functionality so that I don’t intend to play it until it’s out and you guys are playing it as well. But if the words “from the creators of Flower” aren’t a wallet threat, I don’t know what is. Finally Yakuza: Dead Souls brings to the clunky Japanese crimelord series exactly what it needs. Zombies.