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Farming Vader: end game (part 1)

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“No, not gonna go to class tonight. I’m going to stay home and raid,” I tell Alex.

“Tonight’s not a scheduled raid night,” he says.

“Yeah, I’m going with another guild. They could use someone to try Soa on nightmare with them.”

“Hmm. Okay, I guess. Oh, actually, I’m not going to make Thursday this week. I want to try no-gi and they only do a class on Thursday. Chad is going to give me some one-on-one time.”

“Missing the raid again? And who’s Chad?” I ask.

“Remember that guy who asked us about WoW my first time at the gym? He’s actually pretty cool.”

“Ah. Geez, I haven’t been there in a couple weeks, have I? Hey, that’s kind of funny. It’s like we switched who plays games and who goes to the gym,” I say, turning back to my computer.


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Please don’t watch the Mass Effect 3: Official Launch Trailer

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First, let me explain that I’m really weird about trailers for movies. I don’t watch them, because they mess up the experience of letting a movie unfold the way the director intended. I know Tom Hanks is going to get rescued in the end, that Johnny Depp isn’t going to want to jump off that cliff, and that Jason Bateman is going to be grossed out when Leslie Mann uses the ladies’ room. I feel similarly about some game trailers, which is one of the reasons I am a terrible Videogame Journalist ™.

Now that you and I understand each other a little better, I have a favor to ask. Please don’t watch Electronic Arts’ latest trailer for Mass Effect 3. You probably already have. You’re probably watching it right now since I have embedded it in this post to test your resolve. In which case, you’re spoiling at least one truly awesome moment in the game. So if you must watch the trailer, please don’t pay close attention to it.

Syndicate sees the future and it is Ikea

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Syndicate takes you to a sleek sterile future world, drawn with oddly busy graphics and often blown-out lighting. In this dystopia, reams of floating text have wandered away from their HUDs and infested the walls, the furniture, the cups on shelves, the crates, and even the dozing hobos. So this is what the future has in store for us. Labels. Never has a dystopia been so Ikea.

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