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Qt3 Games Podcast: Matt Bowyer and Final Fantasy XII

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Matt Bowyer is pretty cavalier about dangling precariously 250-feet in the air. He has discovered eldritch secrets underneath a small Virginia town that were later covered up by persons unknown. And he’s given me the second coolest gift I ever got. His wife Meghan speaks pretty highly of him, too. So what’s a guy like this doing playing rinky-dink JRPGs like the Final Fantasy games? Find out in this week’s podcast.


Qt3 Movie Podcast: Inception

Tune in for our spirited three-way split on Inception, Christopher Nolan’s dreamy mind-bender. We have a “loved it”, “hated it”, and “thought it was okay”. If you haven’t seen it yet, fast-forward to this week’s 3×3 at the one hour and six minute (!) mark. We have an equally spirited discussion of the best last lines spoken by or to a dying character.


Qt3 Movie Podcast: Don McKay

You probably haven’t seen Don McKay, which just came out on DVD. Tom and Dingus recommend you do so. Kelly not so much. But if you’re going to see this indie movie from a first-time director, you’re probably better off knowing nothing about it. The unfolding’s the thing. Until you’ve seen it, you can skip ahead to this week’s 3×3, in which we discuss least likely jobs for movie characters. We start at the 42-minute mark.