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Qt3 Movie Podcast: Knight and Day

Summer blockbuster? Forgettable fluff? Romantic comedy? Chick flick? The redemption of Tom Cruise? All of the above? Find out in this week’s podcast. Or, if you don’t want Knight and Day spoiled, just jump to this week’s 3×3 at the 44-minute mark. We discuss the least convincing movie couples, which includes Kelly Wand’s rendition of a character’s inner monologue upon seeing Russell Crowe unclothed.


Qt3 Movie Podcast: The A-Team

The good news is this isn’t one of those podcasts where we sit around agreeing with each other the whole time. The bad news is at least one of us had to sit through The A-Team in order for that to happen. If you can’t bear to see us at odds with each other, jump to this week’s 3×3 at the 57-minute mark for our choice of most effective adaptations.


Qt3 Games Podcast: Jonathan Crane and System Shock

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Hey, it’s Jonathan Strange Crane, who’s real name is Kevin! Listen to us city boys relating their adventures in Maine. One of us — I won’t say who — uses the phrase “Yankee dickering”. I also fumble the introduction, but not as badly as Kevin fumbles eloping. We later relate System Shock, the only first person shooter with a rearview mirror, to Hamlet and Oedipus. Bring your own beret!